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Interviews, stills, and videos of
everyday women with high-arched feet

November 16, 2017-Wendy M
Wendy M's shoe size 7.5 US

October 17, 2017-Nia
Nia's shoe size 11 US

October 4, 2017-Sitka
Sitka's shoe size 9 US

August 28, 2017-Jenna
Jenna's shoe size 7 US

August 28, 2017-Casey
Casey's shoe size 6.5 US

August 9, 2017-Tina Latina
Tina Latina's shoe size 7.5 US

July 6, 2017-Ava
Ava's shoe size 7.5 US

June 11, 2017-The Fetish Party
Available on Createspace for $6.99
This was one of the projects I completed while away. Thank you for hanging in there with us!
I'm back on the streets looking for new, fun, and interesting women to shoot.

May 24, 2017-Naida Black
Naida Black's shoe size 7.5 US

April 1, 2017-Lori Glimmer
Lori Glimmer's shoe size 8 US

March 23, 2017-Spring Break Feet
Beautiful NC and OH feet on spring break.

March 23, 2017-Spring Break Feet
Three different young women from Italy.

March 18, 2017-Spring Break Feet
Those three young ladies made my entire day!

March 11, 2017-Spring Break Feet
The owner of the site and app of TryDate.com
gave me free gear and took my picutre with her shoes.

March 8, 2017-Announcement
Lux's four Detective Lux videos are added to her page.

March 5, 2017-Spring Break Feet
The girl in thin sole black flip flops caught my attention.
I think thin sole black flip flops show high arches the best.

March 5, 2017-Spring Break Feet
Her and her friend, both from Canada, thought this was hilarious, so she posed.
She also took pictures of me. Then my camera battery died...again.

March 4, 2017-Spring Break Feet
These two spring breakers gladly posed away...then my camera battery died.

January 12, 2017-Lori Glimmer
Lori Glimmer's shoe size 8 US

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